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Employer Information

At Sports Jobs Australia we have endevoured to keep listing a job as simple as possible. Our job rate plans, as seen below, give a selection of price ranges and features, but if those plans don't suit your requirements, please contact us and we can create a package that is right for you.

Contact Ryan on 0400 359 037 or email

Employer Features

Create an Account with Sports Jobs Australia and you will have access to a comprehensive management area for your job listings.

Once you have created your Employers Account, you will have access to manage all your job listings, purchase job products, edit your profile, track your jobs, setup your questionnaires for your job listings, create sub accounts, manage alerts, view your billing history and save resumes.


Features available:
**Please note, the features below depend on what job product you purchase.

Job Listings
Free or paid job listings. Upload photos, files or a video to your job listing, depending on what job product you purchase. You can preview the job before it is posted.

Manage your Job Listings
When you are logged into your account you can manage all your job listings. To 'view details', 'edit', 'clone', 'deactivate' or 'delete' your job listing clicin into the 'Manage Your Jobs' tab

Priority Postings
Priority postings are displayed above the normal jobs on the main job search page and highlighted in a different colour. This will ensure your listing will stand out. (Featured listing only).

Featured jobs
Featured jobs appear on the home page and highlighted on the main jobs page. (Featured listing only)

Copy/clone jobs
Multiple job postings are made easy using the 'Clone Job' function.

Video Uploads
Attach a video file to your job listings.

Document Uploads
Documents can be attached for download on your job listings page.

Image Uploads
Images can be uploaded into your job listing. (Featured listing only).

Screening Questionnaires
Ability for you to formulate questionnaires to be included with your job postings. You can create multiple choice questions, single choice questions eg. yes/no, open questions with a text box for information to be typed in. Job Seekers when applying for the job will have to fill out the questionnaire. You can also setup the questionnaire to have a passing score with the ability to setup an automated email if required with a personal message from you.

Company profile
You can setup your company profile page with your logo, a video and details. Your company profile page will show your information along with all the jobs you currently have listed. Your details and logo will also appear next to the job listing.

Managing Applications
When someone applies to your job from the Sports Jobs Australia website, you will receive an email with their name and contact information along with a link to their resume. It is sent to you at the email that you registered on your account. You can then contact them directly to setup an interview. You can also login to your account and view and manage all the applications from there and add personal notes for the applications received.

Employer sub-accounts
Ability for you to create sub-accounts and set permissions for them.

We accept Paypal and Direct Deposit payments. Direct Deposit transactions will cause your job listing to be delayed while we await the funds to go into our account. To enable a fast job posting, Paypal is the preferred payment method.


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